Sunday, August 26, 2012

Falling into Autumn

Autumn is coming.  The days are noticeably shorter, and we've had cooler nights since the beginning of August.  The earth is inexorably tilting us away from the sun.  In just a few weeks we'll pass the equinox and be on the downward slide to winter.

It's one of my favorite times of the year, except for the dryness.  It's really dry in Idaho at the end of summer.  Sure, it's a drought year, but it's always dry here in August.  It's not even that fun to go up into the mountains because it's dry there too.  Dusty trails, no more summer flowers, low water, and it still gets hot during the day.  I much prefer going a bit later in the season, when at least the leaves have started to turn and the nights are crisp and cool.  I'm hoping we'll get out there in September or October, even if we stay in a hotel rather than camping.

Hubby and I did some much needed work in the yard on Saturday.  It got really jungle-y out there this year, mostly because of my foot surgery.  I just couldn't do as much.  So the weeds are tall, and the weed trees are starting to get annoying.  I cleared the weeds from one flower bed, and Ken chopped out some of the weed trees and did some pruning.  Took all morning and we were beat.  Just as well since it got too hot for comfort in the afternoon.  There's plenty more to do in other areas, but at least we made progress.

I finished my first crocheted shawl last weekend and got it blocked during the week.  It turned out really nice, and I'm looking forward to cooler days when I might be able to wear it.  I was fairly aggressive in blocking it, as you can see.  And I'm not sure I'm completely happy with that.  I may eventually re-block it to be a bit less stretched out.  We'll see.  It's amazing the difference that blocking can make.

This is the new project I started on Friday.  It's a cowl.  I'm using Tosh Merino Light in "Magnolia Leaf".  It's one of those yarn colors I didn't like as much when it was in the skein.  But as it gets stitched into fabric the colors are pooling in a really pretty way, and I like it much better.  I'm not sure who it's for yet, although I have a few ideas.  It needs six buttons.  I'm thinking I'd like some in brass or copper.  But they can't be too heavy, or the cowl won't stand up around your neck.  So I'll have to start keeping an eye out for just the right ones.

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