Friday, September 28, 2012

Nearly October!

I guess I don't make blog posts often enough lately.  I can't believe it's going to be October on Monday already!  It has started to cool off a bit, although we still get up to the low 80's by mid-afternoon.  But the nights are usually down into the high 40's/low 50's, so you can tell Fall is here.  The trees have started to noticeably turn colors now, with the equinox past.

I still have a few raspberries coming in, mostly the Fall Gold.  But it's getting close to time to cut them all down for the year.  This time I want to cut them back close to the ground and rake out all the dead litter beneath.  I'm not sure what I'll use yet, but I want to put some kind of bug killer there, to cut down on the shield bugs.  They've been a real pest this year.  I also have a number of small Italian peppers coming along.  I don't know how ripe they'll get, but I'll keep them going as long as possible and we'll see.

What I'd really like is a rainy Friday and then a sunny (but not too hot) Saturday.  Then I could get out in the veg patch and dig out a lot of the weed roots.  We got out there a few weekends ago and cut back/pulled out the giant weeds.  But it's been so dry the ground was really hard, and some roots just would not come out.  My other option is to run the sprinkler for a few hours one evening and get out there the next day.

But it won't be this Saturday.  I'll be at the local Highland Games all day.  Our dance group is performing twice, in the morning and then mid-afternoon.  We also set up a booth, so we're all pretty much "stuck" there for the whole day.  A lot of us are fiber-crafters, so we sit around and knit or crochet while we talk to people coming by.  One person is going to bring her spinning wheel, which is always popular with the kids.

My foot is feeling about halfway normal.  I can stand about halfway up onto the ball of my foot, and I'm walking almost without a limp.  So the Dr. has given me some exercises to increase the range of motion.  It could be another three months or so before it feels the way it used to.

I'm just over halfway done with the cowl I started a few months ago.  I measured it the other night and it was 11" long.  I need to get to 20".  I did some last night, so it might be up to 11.5" by now.  I found some great buttons for it online and they arrived last week.  I think they're going to look really nice.

I hope to have some Highland Games pictures to put up here after tomorrow.

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