Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stumbling Into the Current Century

It's September already!  It was so hot this summer I thought Fall would never get here.  Now it's here and I hardly know where the Summer went.  I'm a bit disappointed and discouraged about my garden this year.  My foot surgery at the beginning of June really restricted what I could do.  So I have some tomatoes and raspberries, but not much else.  I want to get out into the vegetable area to clear the weeds, but we haven't had a free weekend day for a while.  Maybe next week?

This weekend is Art in the Park, in Boise.  I still remember the first one I went to, when I visited my sister for the first week of September 2001. (I flew home the morning of September 10th, after my flight was bumped one day.)  If you're into arts and crafts (mostly crafts), Art in the Park is a lot of fun.  This year I'm looking for things like buttons, shawl pins, soap, fabric, yarn, and things that look like good Christmas presents.  It's become my weekend for starting Christmas shopping.  I'm meeting my sister and niece there about 2pm.  We'll walk round the stalls for a few hours, then we're meeting my cousin Don for dinner.  He's here in Boise for work.  He lives in Florida so we hardly ever see him.

Tonight is the Boise Contradance, and Ken's band is playing.  I probably won't go this time.  He'll get home pretty late, and I expect to be on my feet all day tomorrow.

Last weekend my husband took his son out to practice driving. And somehow they ended up at the nearby Verizon store.  I'm not sure how that happened - not like it's on the way to anything.  Anywho, Ken  asked the guy about cellphone plans, and figured out it was cheaper to have an unlimited voice/Data plan on an iPhone than to pay for his cellphone voice plan and a separate business landline that he uses for the credit card machine.  So he bought an iPhone!

If you don't know Ken, you probably don't understand what a shocker this was!  He's no Luddite, but he's never liked the planned obsolescence of most electronic devices.  All that stuff in landfills, and heavy metals.  So he had one of those clunky "brick" phones for years, then went to an LG Envy about four years ago.  He'd forward the landline to his cell when he was out, but most of the time at home he kept his cell turned off.  It was nearly impossible to send him a text and expect he'd get it in any relevant time frame.

Anyway, Dad's new iPhone has been the topic of conversation all week.  And the more I thought about it, the more I started leaning towards getting one myself.  The timing seemed right.  The old iPhone 4 is going out, so you can get one for around $100.  I was paying about $40 a month for a voice-only plan.  It cost the same to add my new iPhone to Ken's plan - and that includes unlimited Data!

So here I am, with an iPhone.  Black, with a rubber pastel-lavender case.  I've found I can even stand to wear the ear buds.  I hate those in-ear kind, but these sort of hang on your ears rather than getting stuck into them.  I downloaded iTunes onto my computer, and have successfully started loading some music CDs into it.  I'm on the 4th CD right now.  I've also managed to sync with my phone.  I'm not sure how much I'll use the music on the phone, but it'll definitely be more convenient in the car, over all the CDs knocking around.  I'll have to get one of those auxiliary cords to plug it in.

I've made progress on the cowl, as you can see.  I bought some buttons yesterday.  I think the bronze ones will work.  I liked the Celtic interlace ones, so I bought those too.  They'll work for something sooner or later.

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