Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Weekend in eastern Oregon

Ken and I went to a SCD dance workshop in Redmond, OR, this past weekend.  This was the first time I could actually dance (as opposed to just walking) since my foot surgery.  I still can't do everything, dancing in tight curves is more painful for instance, but I'm getting some spring back in those toes.  Of course, having been far less active in the last six months than normally, my legs are really out of shape.  And after taking most of the weight on my right leg for so long, my right knee is fussing a bit.  I need to tone up those muscles again.  Part of the problem I had on Saturday at the workshop was pain in my right knee when using it to spring upwards.  I was having more trouble with that then with my left foot!  Argh!!

We here in the Treasure Valley think of our climate as being very dry.  And we're right in that, since our humidity levels are quite often in the twenties this time of year.  But the higher elevations around Burns and Bend, OR (3,200 ft), are even drier.  Just during the day we drove over there I got three new splits in my fingertips - for no apparent reason!  I had bandaids on half my fingers all weekend.  Slathered on the moisturizer but that was only barely keeping up with the dryness.  It was noticeably different.  So now I'm back in the humid tropics of western Idaho, and hoping to repair my poor hands.

 These are pictures of a gorge in the mountains east of Bend, along highway 20, formed when a prehistoric ice dam broke.  I was too busy dancing to take pics of the workshop, so these are the only pictures I got. Fortunately Ken took some of the workshop.

 This is a tiny lizard we saw looking for a place in the shade.  You might have to click on the picture to enlarge it to see the lizard clearly.  He's slightly up from center.

I've been making progress on the cowl I'm crocheting.  I've reached 14.5 inches.  5.5 more inches to go.  I hope to finish stitching this week.  Then I can block it and sew on the buttons.  It's meant as a gift for someone, but I don't know when I'll give it - for Christmas or sometime next year.

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