Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ack! It's Nearly December!

The year is flying by.  I still have a few Christmas gifts to make or buy, but I'm not too far behind on those.  I AM far behind on Christmas cards.  Really need to get busy on them.  Not sure I'll write a Christmas letter to go along with the card or not.  Seems like we mostly have un-fun news to share this year.  Three surgeries, the return of the termites, involuntary bathroom remodeling projects, a broken water heater we had to replace, and a furnace threatening to break down at any moment.

On the other hand we did get to take two really fun vacations this year, to the Olympic Peninsula and the week at dance camp in Portland, OR.  I wish we'd been able to go camping, but time just got away from us.

Still, December will be busy with a fun events.  On Saturday is our Scottish Country Dance group's St. Andrews Ball & Ceilidh.  We're doing it as a potluck this time, so I'm making pumpkin pie from scratch.  The picture is the pies I made for Thanksgiving. Our theme is "tartan", so I'm going to wear my silk Black Watch tartan ballgown skirt and bodice, complete with hoops.  I even have a shawl I crocheted myself to go with it.  Then Sunday Ken's band is playing at a local church's annual St. Andrews service.  It's nice music and I get to sing along, so it'll be fun. 

Saturday Dec 8th is the monthly contra dance.  They always do a nice event for Christmas and Ken's band is playing.  On the 9th I'll spend most of the day making Christmas cookies.  I'm sending some to my parents for Christmas, since it's one of those low-budget years.  I'm planning to make a double batch of Kourabides, which take 45 mins in the oven and have to be rolled in powdered sugar.  They're labor-intensive and really do take most of a day.  But they're wonderful, so it's worth it.  On Dec 14th the new LOTR movie is coming out, The Hobbit.  I've been looking forward to that for ages!  On the 15th our dance group is having a quarterly board meeting.  Not exactly a social event, but we still manage to have a nice time.
Ken's son is planning a party for Dec 21st, an End of the World theme, of course.  Might be a good night to go see The Hobbit!!!

And then we're into Christmas week!  I only have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off this year.  Then New Years Eve and New Years Day.  Two four-day weekends with three work days in-between.  It's going to be a struggle finding work things to do.  I'll be surprised if anyone I need to interview is actually at work that week, since most of them are Federal employees.  Maybe I'll be able to save up some typing to do.

I hope we get some snow.  I'd like to go to the Botanic Garden 'Garden Aglow' one evening.  Lots of pretty lights, decorated trees and plants, and it's much nicer with snow.  They have caroling and hot cider too.

Anyway, I've got to get some organizing done...