Saturday, March 9, 2013


How in the world did it get to be March?  I haven't blogged since January.  My online habits are changing.  Getting an iPhone did it, I think.  I tend to look at Facebook on the phone, and poke around on Ravelry on the computer, and email or text my friends w/ either.  But I don't often think of doing a blog post.  Work has been pretty busy these last two months, which makes me even less likely to want to sit at my desk typing on yet another computer.  I worked 11 hours yesterday, mostly getting work reports typed.  Ugh.

We've done a few fun things since January, but nothing spectacular.  I'm looking forward to our Pac NW roadtrip at the end of March.  We're trying a new route up through western Canada.  If the weather doesn't betray us it should be really fun.  We hope to spend time in Vancouver, Victoria, Port Townsend, and visit some friends on Fox Island.

Ken and I are still tracking calories on our Lose It! phone apps.  I've lost 8 lbs since December.  Since I didn't really expect to lose anything, I'm pretty pleased.  It's gotten me back to about where I was before the foot surgery.  But I seem to have plateaued a bit.  I'll have to work harder to get below this weight.
Ken has lost twice as much as me in the same amount of time, even though his calorie allowance is waaay more than mine.  Sometimes math just isn't fair. ;-).

I've started more crochet projects, and finished three of them, as well as a new project bag.  I pretty much made up the pattern for it and figured out the geometry myself.  The "hardest" part was how to put the raw seam edges inside, so there are no raw edges showing in the inside or outside of the bag.  It's nearly reversible, except I didn't make the drawstring reversible.  Might do that next time.

I went into Craft Warehouse a while back, as an alternative to Hobby Lobby, and found I really like their quilting fabric selection.  They have a TON of batik fabric and asian-style prints.  So I've been getting bundles of 'fat quarters'.  This was one of them, a bundle in my least favorite colors, although I still like it.  I just wanted to use something I wouldn't care about as much for my first project bag, in case I ended up wrecking it.  I did learn a few things that I plan to change for next time, so that was good.

I made a heart-shaped lavender sachet crochet pattern with some bargain yarn I got there as well.  Eight skeins for $8.  Four in a pink/red/white two-ply, and four in solid red single-ply.  I'm not sure what fibers each of them are made of, but I don't think there's a lot of wool there.  Anyway, it's the first stuffed shape I've done with crochet.  Closing the gap after stuffing it was the hardest part.  If you look at the photo you can see how one side of the top arch is a bit jaggedy.  Next time I'll put the final seam along one of the long straight sides.  I've got all this polyester batting and a bag of lavender to use up, so I'm going to make more.

I've also started making gifts for Xmas already.  One is nearly finished, and I have another 3/4's done.  I have a whole bunch of things in mind, I just can't seem to work quickly enough.  I've been trying to improve my crochet stitching technique, which has helped my speed some, but I still tend to go more slowly than a lot of the people I've 'friended' on Ravelry.  I guess it's just experience.

Tonight is the monthly Boise contradance, and The Bru (Ken's band) is playing.  I've been calling one dance each month to give the regular caller a break.  It lets me try out easy dances I wouldn't ordinarily teach in SCD class.  In May The Bru is doing a "band exchange" with the contra band in Pocatello.  They're coming to Boise and we're going there.  It should be fun.  I won't be calling of course, but I'll get to dance.