Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day 2013

Wow.  It's been far too long since I wrote a blog entry.  So much has happened since July that it's too overwhelming to think about catching up.  So I'll just mention the missing events as they come up, if they do.  I've been pondering whether I should continue having a blog or not.  Seems like I waste far too much time on Facebook and Ravelry, which leaves a lot less of my online time for actually writing something.  So I'm going to see how I do at making weekly entries for a few months.  If that doesn't happen I may have to take the blog down.

I've become a lot busier with crafts and new activities in the past six months.  Crochet of course, and lately a lot more sewing.  Mostly small things, like bags.  I made two purses out of upholstery tapestry fabric this fall, for Brenda and myself.  I think they turned out pretty well.  There are always little mistakes one makes in sewing that are more trouble to fix than not, but Brenda liked hers, and I really like mine too.  I also made Ken a tote bag for music books and a matching mic bag, out of a red and gold tapestry fabric he chose.  The mic bag stands out a lot more than the typical black vinyl ones, so hopefully it won't get lost or misplaced like the old one.

I also crocheted three pairs of fingerless mitts to give as gifts this year.  It's a forgiving stretchy shell stitch, so not too scary to make for people who aren't around to try them on.  And I finally finished Teri's scarf!  Whew!  I think she liked it.  Of course now I have a bit of vacation after Christmas so I'll be starting some new projects, and working on the older ones I put aside while I was making gifts.

Ken and I decided to try learning Italian this summer.  We're using an app called Duolingo.  He's progressed a lot further than I have.  I kind of put it on hold these last few months but I want to get back to regular practice now the gift-making rush is over.

The other new thing I've started is learning to play piano for the band.  The Bru just lost two members, so they're down to three now.  It means learning chords - something I never did in all those music lessons I had in school.  I just didn't have that kind of piano teacher.  Ken and I play together at least two or three days a week.  It gives him a chance to play tunes at a slower pace than when he's with the band.  My level as an accompanist is still pretty basic, but I have an idea of where I'd like to go with it, having listened and danced  to Scottish and Irish music for over 30 years now.  So I'll keep working.

We are still doing the calorie counting.  He's lost over 30 lbs, and I've lost 20.  I think I've reached a plateau now, but I'm pretty happy at this weight, so I'm content to stick here.  I think Ken is too.  He looks so different than he did a year ago.  Really trim.

Our master bathroom is still a work in progress.  In fact it's more of a hole in the ground than a bathroom at this point.  There's still some tearing out of the existing walls, floor and fixtures to do.  Then we'll have to get the cast iron plumbing replaced, and replace the termite-damaged floor joists and sub-floor.  After that we'll have the much funner task of choosing new flooring, paint and bathroom fixtures.  Yea!  Hopefully our furnace and water pump will hold out until the bathroom is paid for.