Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finished Scarf!

I finally finished my first slip-stitch project last night, Red Leaves on Snow.  The pattern is called Morning Dew Scarf.  It did not go perfectly, but the errors are small enough to be acceptable.  One of the big challenges was keeping my stitch tension loose enough, so I didn't end up with a tight little strip.  This is stretchy and squishy.  The other challenge was keeping the leaves aligned across all the rows.  I made a few counting errors and didn't see them until rows later - too far to be able to unravel back.  So I had to keep an eye out when working the red leaves.  I'm really happy with the yarn too.  This is Knit Picks' new one, Andes Del Campo, in dove gray and hot rod red.
You see it here pinned out for blocking.  I'm hoping it will dry by tomorrow and I can wear it.

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